The Essential Information About The Business Studies Major


The Business Studies Program provides students an exceptional opportunity to earn both a B.A.or B.S. from an accredited university. The B.S. program is an industry specific degree, giving students the ability to really understand and analyze the complex concepts of industry dynamics.

The Business Management Degree can help students recognize emerging issues and trends in their own industries. By understanding current business models and how these changes affect organizations, business managers can better anticipate and plan for organizational needs. Graduates may apply their knowledge to human resources, marketing, product development and operations, and other areas that impact the competitiveness of modern markets.

Graduates of an online bachelor’s degree in Human Resources can be eligible for positions in a wide range of careers. Human resources are integral members of all businesses, but the makeup of today’s labor force is substantially different than it was just a generation or two ago. Many positions require the skills that only a graduate with experience can bring to the table. As human resources professionals continue to age, they are in increasing demand, which could lead to a variety of exciting career possibilities.

Human resources work is most often found in retail and service sectors, but companies of all sizes depend on them for a variety of reasons. Retailers need individuals who can effectively sell and recruit new employees. Service workers help customers deal with established companies and individuals who are hiring staff. A Human Resources graduate can focus their education on one particular aspect of this field and gain experience and knowledge that directly apply to their position.

Accountants represent the financial part of an organization, providing expertise that is necessary for management and accounting needs. Accountants also help manage the organization’s budget. A Human Resources graduate may choose to specialize in an area of business degree that addresses this expertise, or they may opt for an accountancy degree that will allow them to work in a number of different industries. Either way, there is plenty of room for specialization because accountants are typically hired as general managers and act as the intermediaries between staff and the outside world.

Financial clerks typically need to have a high school diploma in order to begin working, though some positions may require additional training. Most employers only hire clerks who have at least a high school diploma or higher, so graduates of an accredited high school should have no problem qualifying. Some positions do require training, however, and those are typically offered through community colleges or technical/vocational schools. An on-the-job training program may require a job hunter to attend classes during the weekends.

Marketing research analysts provide information and recommendations to business owners about current market conditions and trends. Graduates with a marketing research degree can find employment almost anywhere, but some positions may require additional education. Market research analysts may be required to take continuing education courses to maintain certification to take the job further. Some positions simply do not have the necessary skills to adequately perform the job, which means an applicant must take continuing education courses to qualify.

Business studies specialists are needed across a range of industries, and each occupation requires different skills and a different amount of training and experience. Graduates with a Bachelor’s degree are more likely to land a good-paying position, but some positions may also require additional education and training, especially those requiring specialized training. In order to ensure that they get the best possible positions and begin to earn the salaries that their coworkers are after, professionals with a Bachelor’s degree in business studies should take classes that will prepare them for their new careers.